Brown Makhna

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  • Prayer Scarf
  • High quality
  • Durable product
  • Large in Size
  • Fine Quality Material
  • Soft Cotton Jersey

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Makhna/ Khimar
Our Jersey Khimar boasts a graceful and modest design, crafted to drape elegantly for everyday wear, special occasions, or prayer at home. The adaptable face opening features a flexible slit, ensuring a comfortable fit for all face and head sizes. Interior stretch ties provide added security when tied behind the head. The face opening can be adjusted to rest under the chin, on the chin, or even over the face for varying levels of coverage.
Crafted from premium stretch jersey knit, our Khimar/ Makhna offers both comfort and practicality. The medium-weight fabric falls smoothly without clinging to the body, and its substantial weight prevents it from easily blowing up in the wind.


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