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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we don’t. But we deliver all over Pakistan and internationally. You just have to order at our website or on our Social Media and it’ll be on your doorstep.
We do, however, sometimes exhibit in Karachi. Please follow our social media for such updates.

Orders can be cancelled upon the customer’s request any time before they are processed through WhatsApp (+923002279873) or email (support@dukantodoor.com).

We email you once the order is processed. No changes can be made after that and the return policy will then apply.

You either provided an incorrect phone number or an incorrect address. Or you did not pick up the phone. We do not dispatch orders if not confirmed on call. Please pick up the phone when you get a call from an unknown number otherwise your order will be canceled if not confirmed within two days. We make a minimum of three call attempts to every customer at different times.

Bank transfer orders do not need any call confirmation. They are dispatched once the payment has been made.

Taiba Store may cancel orders for any reason which may include:

Out-of-stock items
Pricing or technical errors
Suspicious Customers

We will always email you to inform you about any cancellations.

Although we try our best to capture colors as close as possible to how they appear in real, we cannot guarantee a hundred percent match.

The difference between different display screens is minimal but beyond our control. For a test, you can view the same picture on our website in two different phones –

Apple and Samsung and you’ll be able to understand the difference that different LCDs cause.

We currently have two payment options available:

– Cash On Delivery (COD)
– Bank Transfer (IBFT)

Once you refuse a parcel on the doorstep after order confirmation, you will be required to pay delivery charges and will not be allowed to use COD option again. Your details will be added to a fraudulent client database if you refuse to pay the delivery charges.

All orders within Karachi take from 2-4 working days for delivery, exclusive of Sundays, Public holidays, and/or any miscellaneous strikes etc.

Orders outside Karachi may take 4-8 working days for delivery.

For urgent orders, please contact on our Whatsapp number +923002265463 mentioning your city, order items and the date you need the order by and we’ll let you know if an arrangement can be made.

Please note
For COD orders, you must answer the order confirmation call which takes 24 hours after you placed the order and the order is dispatched the next day. If you want to avoid this process, please choose bank transfer as paid orders are processed immediately after payment is received, without calls.

Yes. Please WhatsApp us (on +923002265463) to know about shipping rates as they vary with your order weight and destination country.

Any customs duties or taxes, if applicable by the respective country’s officials will not be the responsibility of the Taiba Store.

Due to country restrictions, we are unable to deliver in India.

Standard shipping charges are Rs 250/kg. Shipping is free on orders above 6000. During sale, shipping charges may differ.

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